USB powered Seat cooler from Thanko

by Dhiram Shah

Here is an ideal companion to the USB powered shirt presenting the USB powered seat cooler which helps you beat the summer heat. I guess most of you are aware what happens to the seat after sitting on it for long hours on a summer day. To help you avoid such sticky and sweaty situations here is the USB air cushion to be placed on your chair. Just plug in to your USB port turn on the switch and the fan starts automatically drawing air and distributing it through the tiny holes on the pillow. The extra quiet fan will not bother you and also dissipate the heat (air) away from underneath of the seat effectively.

It is a must buy for all LAN party fans. The Thanko USB powered Seat cooler measures 49 x 50.5 cm and is available in Japan for 4800 Yen ($ 40).

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