USB FM Transmitter

by Dhiram Shah

FM transmitters for iPod are nothing new but we always overlook the notebook as an audio source, though it is not as convenient like the iPod but still it is not that bad. Just plug in the Pen drive sized thingie to your USB port and it starts trasmitting your songs via FM. However you can select the frequency out of three preset ones only. It connects via USB 2.0 and is compatible with Windows systems only.

The USB FM Transmitter comes in white and is available in Japan for 3990 Yen ($ 35).


  1. joe

    hey, no additional info available? no info, no product name, vendor, no link?

  2. Curt

    nice looking product. just plug it in your laptop and let it transmit. How do I find out more? who makes, where can I find?


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