USB Air Purifier

by Dhiram Shah

It is about time we featured a whacky USB gadget, say hello to the ultimate geek tool “The USB Air Refresher”. We urbanites are surrounded by polluted air every day. Walking to the bus, walking through the city, in the bus, in the car, wherever you are during the day you are breathing nasty polluted air. Adults breathe over 3,000 gallons of air every day. Thus making us very susceptible to air pollution. The USB Air Refresher is designed to refresh your environment by purifying the air; getting rid of the allergens, pollutants and odours. Plug it into your pc or laptop via the USB port to get fresh air all day long. It can even be used in your car, simply stick it to the dash board using the sticky pad that’s on its base.

USB Air Refresher’s Anion Technology removes toxic substances found in dust and polluted air. It is a great gift for someone suffering from allergies.
The USB Air Refresher sells for $ 27.
Via – Techiediva