US web share has RIM BlackBerry out in front and Apple’s iOS running a close second

by Shayne Rana

At the moment RIM is celebrating a glorious victory over big time competitor Apple as it seems the company just over took the Cupertino big wigs in traffic. According to StatCounter, the BlackBerry OS accounted for 34.3 percent of American traffic which is 1.3 percent over Apple’s iOS that slipped a bit, down to 33 percent. On global scale though RIM has been steadily on the rise but lags a little ways behind iOS and both, strangely enough are following Symbian who’s at 31.9 percent. Even though this year has clearly seen the rise of the Android platform, Google’s OS was trailing behind just 23.8 percent. However those numbers could drastically change next year if Apple doesn’t do something about it. RIM is on the move and their taking no prisoners.

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