US $25,000 worth Diamond Encrusted iPhone 5 on sale in Hong Kong

by Sayan Chakravarty

Are you an iPhone fan but looking for exclusivity? Shell out $25,000 and buy yourself a custom made, gold plated, Diamond encrusted iPhone 5. This piece of beauty adorns the display rack of a plush mall in Hong Kong. The world economy might be in shambles and the gloom is widespread, but not for China or its Rich. It’s a common sight in Hong Kong with streets swarming with wealthy Chinese tourists. This one-off iPhone is a symbol of the city’s opulence, splurging on exclusive luxury items is the latest trend. This custom-built device boasts a rose gold chassis ringed with a combined 7.28 carats in diamonds that also spell out the number “5” on its back. Along with this, the store also sells gold plated iPads, multicoloured laptops and pricy headphones.

UK-based luxury craftsman Stuart Hughes, who designed the world’s most expensive iPhone valued at a mindboggling $15 million said most of his customers come from mainland China and Hong Kong. The manager of the store said that one his mainland Chinese customer placed an HK$800,000 ($103,000) order for 70 custom-made iPhones, which he planned to give away as gifts – now what exactly do I need to do get on his guest-list!


[Via – Scmp]