Upcoming JVC aftermarket Car Stereo will take instructions from your hand gestures

by ruchi

We hage earlier seen Kinect being used for some pretty interesting stints like controlling your TV and also creating art in thin air. With a lot of tech products in recent times being smitten by the hand-gesture-control bug, JVC is too prepping up an aftermarket car stereo which allows you to change songs using a swipe of a finger on the screen. This will be the KD-X50BT model priced at $139 which will require tracing a “V” or upside down “V” on the screen to change the source code or the equalizer settings. Besides, it also includes Bluetooth connectivity, and will feature audio streaming on paired BlackBerry, iPhone, or Android phone.

There will also be a base model called KD-X40 which will be priced at $109.95 and as JVC puts it, this is one of the most aggresive prices for the CD-less category. If you connect an Android phone to the USB port of the KD-X40, you can control the music with the track up/down, play and pause buttons on the deck and you see the songs tags on the radio display. It also controls Apple iPod and iPhone functions and is Bluetooth ready. Both of these will be available post CES next year.

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