Unlimited knuckle cracking with the Knuckle Cracking Simulator

by Gareth Mankoo

It’s a wonder of nature, bestowed upon youth to cause a few irritating spasms across their mothers mind. But as we all know, nature never blesses anyone with anything extra. Knuckle cracking – though it’s such a pain for the victims, the assailant does well enough to suck out all the pleasure from his actions. But once they crack, they remain pretty quiet for a while. This doesn’t give the assailants the required, continuous flow of pleasure from irritated victims. Get a hold of this Knuckle Cracking Simulator to make sure that you never run out of knuckles.

The fact that it is available in red, white and black colors, and has some tiny spikes lining the lower portion, we can easily guess the benefits that scrawny and vain Bruce Lee wannabes can derive from it. That will be 500 Yen (little over $5).

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