Unique artistic toy expected to fetch $800

by Gareth Mankoo

If you dig arts you really don’t care about prices. Especially when it comes to arts that match the sort of this one by Dustin Wallace. It comes in as a very expensive, intricate piece of art, that somehow manages to qualify as a toy, even though we’re quite sure that it isn’t going to leave kids any happier than getting them a wooden horse. It looks awful dangerous to play with, thanks to the sharp edges and also bears some remote resemblance to the Transformers. Yeah, the robot turning into an air-bourne automotive and all does suffice to give us that theory.

What’s disturbing is that do we have too many Richie Rich kids around who would like a highly price ‘toy’ of this nature? You can feast your eyes on the $800 plaything at Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock, Arkansas. Oh, and it’s called ‘homage’.