Underbed Lift conceals your plasma under the bed

by Dhiram Shah

In this day and age, Flat screens have replaced the big boxes of the small screen. But this technology is one to watch! It actually hides your flat screen when not in use. Flat screens made our rooms look more spacious and clutter free…as in no need of cabinets to settle the TV box. One had to just hang it on the wall. But now your wall is also free to exhibit other objet d’art. This practical feat of engineering – Underbed Lift can hold a 50-inch PDP under a king-sized bed with just eight-inches of clearance required. And besides, a large screen, you get a complete entertainment set up built right-in your bed, complete with DVD / VCR player, subwoofer, and seven channels of surround sound. Moreover a 42” panel and all the same equipment can be concealed under a Queen size bed too. The plasma panel deploys in under 45 seconds and the mount can be rotated for different viewing angles.
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WOW isn’t this impressive?
Via – Luxurylaunches


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  2. Rick

    Wow – That’s a very neat product!


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