Umamen and LEGO showcase fantastic 8 inch, highly details and articulated Stormtrooper

by Shayne Rana

LEGO is the gift that just keeps on giving but their special edition model kits are something else. Their recent tie up with the Star Wars franchise promises to deliver some truly awesome LEGO Star Wars kits that focus on the upcoming Episode VII: The Force Awakens movie. But some guys have put together a new Imperial Stormtrooper that features what seems to be just a single figure akin to some of the action figures available today.

lego-stormtrooper-2Umamen are the guys behind this design and have detailed the eight inch figure quite intricately and also provided quite a bit of articulation to boot. Aside from the fact that taking off the helmet reveals a rather odd looking blank face with no eyes or mouth as traditional LEGO characters would feature, this one has just the single stub to hold the helmet, in the dead centre of the face, looking like a strange, large nose. Judging from the details of the hair, it’s easy to figure out that this is meant to be Han Solo from Episode IV on the Death Star.

lego-stormtrooper-3There’s been no price or details on how or when of even if this character will make it to the retail stores; so for now fans and action figure collectors can simply drool over the pics.

[Via – Technabob]