Ultracell XX25 Fuel cell provides Laptop with 2 days of battery life

by Dhiram Shah

Laptops have come a long way from the Osborne 1 the first portable computers which weighed 24 pounds and had a 5 inch screen. However the main problem with notebooks even today is battery life, more the speed and bigger the display less the battery life. Burn a couple of DVD’s and CD’s and the battery runs out faster. However this all is going to change at the Intel Developer Forum held this week Ultracell demonstrated the XX25 micro fuel cell system. With the XX25 you can use your laptop continuously for 2 days without recharging. The juice is derived from a “reformed methanol fuel cell,” and is currently in a prototype stage for military use and testing. The XX25 has been designed to military spec for extreme hot and cold use, and sudden impact.

We can expect a commercial version of the XX25 by the end of this year.

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