Ultra smart Coke vending machine uses Intel Core i7 CPU

by Gareth Mankoo

Till now, we knew that Intel’s i7 processors often resided in the finest graphics and gaming rigs. But then there’s never a ‘no’ from the innovation side of things. Take this cool Coca-Cola vending machine for instance. Intel showed off the utility of the powerful processor in a vending machine that could capture HD data at 1080p, stay connected via Wi-Fi, offer a 46-inch multi-touch display, packs a QR Code reader, and retain the classic dispenser, money slot and change holder. It’s not surprising if you find someone watching a movie on this new vending machine either. The imaging helps the company capture important customer information and thus enhance future profiling.

The machine has touched parts of South America. We’re thinking it may be a smart take on the throng of vending machines that now use iPad integration to perform similar such functions. Geeks would know the difference of an independent processor in a humble contraption like a vending machine.


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