Ugly Meter Costs Virtually Nothing, Tells Everything About Your Face

by iona

If you aren’t content with looking in the mirror in the morning to see how grim you look, or don’t trust your loved one when he tells you how beautiful you are, then you may wish to invest in a new app for your iPhone which will do exactly that. The Ugly Meter app scans the user’s photo, analyzes it’s composition in real-time, then gives it a score out of ten – the higher the score, the uglier the face. The score is accompanied by a caustic judgement along the lines of ‘You’re so ugly, you could make a glass eye cry.’ Heartwarming, isn’t it? If in doubt of the meter’s accuracy, Angelina Jolie’s face scored an almost-perfect two out of ten and the admiring phrase ‘You’re so hot you make the sun jealous.’

The Ugly Meter was developed by app designers The Dapper Gentlemen. It costs just under $1 (59 British pence).