UFO observed on the moon by Italian Astronomers

by Dhiram Shah

During routine observations of the cosmos, Italian astronomers have recently spotted and tracked on video an Unidentified Flying Object or UFO. It may look like a bug on the lens it is not because when zoomed the object would look much bigger. If it is a UFO, boy it surely is big and moving very fast. I do believe Aliens exist, what about you? Take our poll.
Thanks Michael


  1. olli

    I’m not sure you understand the meaning of the word UFO. It stands for Unidentified Flying Object.
    By definition this object is a UFO, not because it’s an alien, but because it’s unidentified. I think you probably misunderstand what the astronomers are saying.
    Also your vote makes no sense, yes I do believe in other life forms in the universe (not in space ships on the moon though…) – but WHAT exactly is “a matter of time”?

  2. BanjoPlayingHamster

    Em. That is CLEARLY the Millennium Falcon. Who other than Han Solo would fly that close to the Death Star. Oh, you thought that was a moon?

  3. emrah

    a satalie 😉

  4. wedge

    It’s obviously a guy in a gorilla suit.

  5. cfabbro

    it’s a shadow look at 1:10 – 1:13.. when it passes by the upper lip of the crater its shape conforms to that of the lip.

  6. Amateur astronomer

    Fake. This IS a bug on the lens. If it was in the proximity of the moon, it would show foreshortening and obey the laws of perspective. As it neared the moons limb (upper left corner) it’s apparent motion would slow, and it would get smaller. Why even bother to post this obvious drivel?

  7. Matt

    Looks like a weather balloon or a transit of a satellite. Just because we don’t know what it is doesn’t make it aliens.

  8. Robert Hook

    More likely the shadow of a perfectly ordinary lump of rock, either in terrestrial or more likely solar orbit.

  9. Thom

    Appears to be a satellite crossing their field of vision, I’ve seen this happen with backyard telescopes. Sorry.

  10. tellos

    the space tea pot…

  11. joemonster

    Thom, RH, Matt:
    Satellites travel in straight lines from our perspective.
    Amateur :
    Foreshadowing would rquire it to be very close to lunar surface. What if it’s not?
    Also, a bug on the lens would show up in a different focus, ie much sharper or more blurry.
    Also the wavering of the pic due to atmosp distortion is similiar for the black dot and Luna which rules out a bug on lens completely

  12. jonathan smith

    this doesnt have to be alien.
    its probably usa military secret planes like the anti gravity aurora project crafts or the tr-3b.
    they come from the black programs and are secret.
    for example nasa is just a joke and the real space program is just what you see on the video.
    google tr-3b

  13. CARTER

    The camera cannot lie

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