UCOTECH Diva earphones are biased towards female crooners

by Gareth Mankoo

It’s always tickled our curiosity. Why do we have not have earphones that are specially created to suit a type of vocals? And voila, just as we pause thinking and stare in horrific shock at Rihanna’s new music video, UCOTECH launch the Diva earphones. It is said that these are true to their name and are specially designed to make female vocals sound better than they would on counterpart products. The ES1003Diva, is tuned to make female vocals stand out better. They come in red, grey, silver and Zenith silver shades. The earphone unit is 14.8mm in diameter and employs a double dome diaphragm with vibration plates of low-mid and high frequency.

The company also released a Grandiose model that is said to produce sounds that touch and affect your emotions. This one comes in grey, gold and jewel blue colors. There is an age requirement to make the most of both earphones. The UCOTECH Diva costs 18,500 Yen ($149) while the Grandiose costs 27,500 Yen ($221).

[Via – Av Watch]

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