Ubuntu Smartphone to ship from October 2013

by Gareth Mankoo

Open source is the only way for some and when it comes to Ubuntu, this goes without saying. The Linux-based OS will soon find itself inside a smartphone. It will also arrive on tablet computers and aim for the work desks of professionals, especially those from the IT sphere. According to Mark Shuttleworth, founder and CEO of Canonical Ltd, this will enable users to share data seamlessly between PCs and portable devices as well as enhance access privileges to corporate date. The immediate challenge that the new platform will find is penetrating to the high-utility mobile and portable device OS market, with Android, iOS and Windows Phone running the show. BlackBerry 10 also looks quite promising, should RIM decide to dig into its capabilities deeper.

Companies such as General Dynamics Corp. and Citrix Systems Inc. are also in the process of developing handsets that connect corporates with their data, better. It’s good to hope for more from these devices, in a world where the ‘bring your own device’ to work concept is freely practiced. Centralized data is everyone’s for the taking.