Ubi voice-activated computer hooks up to the wall socket to offer complete control

by sam

We are not very far off from the future where we can pretty much control the world that surrounds us with simple voice commands. The likes of SIRI from Apple has already brought to smartphone users a whole new interface that is not just ‘voice-enabled’, but also smart and seems to have a semblance of common sense. And machines that will listen and respond to your queries, might well be a common thing in the next few years, if more people go the same way as the designers of ‘Ubi’.

Currently a product on Kickstarter that will materialize if it reaches its goal rising of $36000, Ubi is a voice-activated screen-less computer system which will interact with you using voice-based commands. Using Ubi you can check on the weather, turn on your wireless speakers to stream music, control the light settings, get weather forecasts, get voice memos, monitor pollution levels and use it as an effective intercom system as well.

If you fund the project now then you can get one for $189 and one definitely hopes to see one of these out and buzzing soon enough so that we have an idea of what exactly it looks like and how it performs.