Uber offer Mad Max rides in Seattle

by Gareth Mankoo

To promote the new Mad Max video game that has arrived, Warner Brothers have tied up with Uber cab service to create a one-of-its-kind themed pick-up and drop service. The company is offering select rides to customers in vehicles that are themed around the movie. In fact, the Warboys vehicle looks so authentic you may consider it to be the actual car from the sets. All you need to do to hail this amazing cab ride is use the Uber App and select MAD MAX. The cars are available in six different options and vary in size. You can pick the ones that suit your need best. If you are looking into your phone now, disappointed that the Mad Max option doesn’t show up, then head after the jump. There’s more.

The service is available only for rides to downtown Seattle. It is a rather painful thought if you aren’t in the vicinity and proclaim yourself to be a fan of the movie. The rides are absolutely free in lines with the movies’ sentiment.

[Available at – Coolmaterial]