Twinbird VW-J707S Waterproof Wireless LCD

by Dhiram Shah

The VW-J707S from Twinbird Japan is all set to make the TV truely mobile, as no longer TV viewing will be limited by availability of a power socket and antenna terminal. The unit consists of a transmission unit and the LCD. Once connected to your TV cable or AV equipment the transmitter unit encodes the images in MPEG-2 and transmits it using Wireless LAN (a/b/g). The LCD on the other hand is 7 inches wide and supports a resolution of (480 x 234 pixels) it is waterproof and can be safely used in the kitchen, bathroom or by the pool. The speakers deliver an output of 300mW×2ch which are sufficient. You also get a wireless remote which can not only control the TV but using that you can skip channels and also perform basic operations like Play, Pause, Rew, FF etc of your DVD player without leaving the comfort of your bath tub. The wireless LCD has a battery life of 150 mins.

The LCD measures 245×55×135mm and weighs 1.1 kg whereas the transmitter weighs 220×140×57mm and weighs 440 grams. The Twinbird VW-J707S will be available from December 1st of 70,000 Yen ($ 600)

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