Twinbird 7 inch waterproof DVD player

by Dhiram Shah

Catching up on a movie while soaked in a hot bath tub, sounds good, doesn’t it. To fulfill your temptation here is the Twinbird VD-J716W, a portable DVD player with a 7 inch screen confirming to IPX7 waterproof standards. Which means that you can drown this baby and it will show you the movie for a good 30 minutes. The display supports a resolution of 480×234 pixels and the unit can playback all the possible media out there right from a DVD-R/RW to a CD-R/RW. it has an onboard antenna with support for an EPG (only in Japan). In addition to this it has a SD card slot which can swallow a 2GB card for playback of MP3 and JPEG files. The onboard speakers can deliver an output of 400mW×2ch. The Japan only product comes with a remote control and sells for 45,000 Yen ($ 500).
[Impress Watch]

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