Twentyfour the new ‘fully interactive’ bar in London

by radhika

The newest gig in town or rather the London is Twentyfour. This uber-cool bar has a lot more to offer than a couple of drinks and music. The place is a freak’en geeky-gizmo paradise. The bar’s interiors sport huge interactive projection screens that display many moods and locales. Keeping in sync with the crowd, the display changes from oceans to canyons to whatever…who cares, the setting just transports you to another zone. You don’t need to hanker for attention; an empty glass or your hand on the table sends out an alert to the barman and your tipple gets refilled. Some of the projections respond to your gestures and are interactive.

As the bar claims, Twentyfour is a Star Trek meets Star Wars kinda place. 70’s inspired furnishings married to state-of-the-art technologies; a splendid waterhole, say what?