Tweets will now protect against earthquakes

by Gareth Mankoo

There comes to pass a technology in this day and age that goes by the name of Twitter Earthquake Detection (Ted). It is said that this amazing technology is extremely useful in detecting the occurrence of an earthquake. This claim is made after seismologists in the Philippines bear testimony to the fact that Ted is a lot more capable and proactive in determining and notifying everyone about an approaching earthquake, as compare to their sensors. Ted gathers real-time earthquake-related messages, the place and time of occurence, gather photographs of the affected land and do a lot more. All this, backed by the large user base and wide touch points of Twitter.

Tweets from the ground are picked up a lot quicker as compared to those from all the fancy sensors that lie beneath the surface. It’s a win situation for everyone here. All thanks to what was once known as a liability, social networking.


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