Tvbeeboo transforms your TV to an ambient light

by yogesh

Tvbeeboo is a screen accessory created by Philippe Loppez. It is an optical filter, which reduce the color’s definition of the pictures from television. It transforms the TV to an ambience light and changes the TV ‘s pictures to an abstract and animated painting. The makers claim that it promotes “cognitive brain tranquility, on behalf to the limbic brain, with a thoughtful state -to be in contact with the color energy.” Sounds heavy-duty stuff to me! It hooks onto the TV with the help of suction cups that help to keep it in place. However you can’t place it directly onto an LCD screen, you will need to contact the professionally to fix it for you. Apparently the picture gets reduced to between 30 and 100 pixels. It fits TV screen the size of up to 23″

Tvbeeboo costs 45.00 Euro or $66.

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