Turn your termination letter into a toilet role

by Gareth Mankoo

There are some really ingenious means adopted by many, to bring about a green revolution in the world. Most of these are expensive and crude. However, when it comes to a green means of saving paper and bringing down the house by flushing all your work place frustration and wiping you’re a** with it? This cool Japanese invention totally makes that termination letter that your boss dished out, a lot more useful, and that too in a green way. Simply dump your paper in one end and get a readymade roll pf toilet paper roll out the other. The whole process that’s hidden by the outer body of the device involves making the paper back into pulp and then dried, finally resulting in it being turned into toilet paper.

It’s called the White Goat machine and is 6 feet tall. The product won the best prize for innovation at the Eco-products International Fair 2009.

Via – [Greenlaunches]

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