Tumbleweed House – A Sturdy mobile home

by yogesh

Do you always end up at work forgetting that much needed file or document for the day lying on the couch at home while you tie your shoe laces? Well that wont be a problem if your home is parked at the parking lot provided by your company, no we are not suggesting that all of us bring their RVs to work. Enter the Tumbleweed House, with the ever increasing realty prices the chances of buying that pent house on times square seem bleak, but what about a housethat’s on wheels that provides most amenities on the go to you at the price of a car. Most of us do not mind spending a night in theirSUV while on a long trip, so why bother dealing with nosy neighbors and unsympathetic land lords. Some of these new houses on wheels even have vaulted ceilings and others have stainless steel counters in case you miss that homely feel. I wonder if we need an extra permit to raise the ceilingin case the house gets too stuffy or we just fancy another floor to have friends sleep over?

The Tumbleweed House offer different options that vary in size, from teeny (65 sq. feet) to tiny (117 sq. feet), but most include the most basic things a person needs: a heater, closets, electricity, a bathroom, kitchen, and a sleeping loft. The most economical and minimum of the series the XS-House, runs for about $37,000, and $50,000 for the truly excess living.

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