Tron Legacy lightcycle gets real, street legal bike already on auction, bidding starts at $35,000

by Shayne Rana

Call me silly but I think it’s about time we saw an authentic looking Tron Cycle make it to the streets. With Tron Legacy due out in theatres this December we won’t even have to wait that long. We’ve already seen the Sam Flynn and Quorra biker outfits that were being sold and now you actually have a bike to ride them with. A street legal lightcycle has been built by Parker Brothers Choppers keeping in mind the exact specs of the movie props complete with LEDs, neons, large custom-built 22-inch hubless wheels the works. So far there are just five and it’ll take a few months to build these custom bikes if need be. It’s going to be equipped with a 1000cc gasoline engine or high-powered electric motor, that’s not confirmed just yet. Color options will also be up fro grabs – red, blue, yellow, green, or orange. So get your check books out as the bidding commences at $35,000. Imagine showing up for the movie on your very own Lightcycle and Sam Flynn biker gear.