Tron Party Dress lights up geek-girls’ wardrobes

by Gareth Mankoo

It is one thing to have the magic of Tron Legacy seep through transport, accessories and even significant gizmos. But when you talk about garbing your hot fantasy girl in this luminescent dress then there stands no bounds of excitement. One lucky girl named Victoria donned the dress that her lover so carefully created for her. The sharp contrasting lights on the dress can highlight the fine contours of any worthy feminine bodice. Head after a jump to hear what Victoria had to say about fulfilling her man’s fantasy come true.

Quoting exactly what Victoria said, “The dress is entirely the creation and design of my bf. He had the desire to create a TRON-themed party dress…and then he did! I only contributed a body to wear it, and the idea to do light-up shoes :)” Well, well, well. Shine on you crazy diamond.