Trio of AT&T leaks: BlackBerry Torch, Galaxy Tab and Samsung Focus

by Gareth Mankoo

When it comes there’s no limit to its awesomeness. AT&T leaks aren’t things we see ever so often and when you have big names like those you see in the title here you can well make yourself a cup of tea, sit back and read the good news. First up is the brilliant Galaxy Tab with Android 2.2 that was expected to come AT&T’s way. Then there’s the mighty hit, the BlackBerry Torch that will arrive in an all-white version, red / black model and olive colored edition to add more color to your life. There’s also word that the Samsung Cetus, Samsung Focus and HTC Surround are all headed to AT&T stores.

As expected, you would have to wait for the fourth quarter of the year. So there isn’t a lot of waiting but all the good things are bound to pour in when we’ve got enough saved to splurge.