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Trinity DS-CHFMT a fancy FM transmitter for iPod

by Dhiram Shah

Trinity the same company who gave us the Lumi Flasher is back with the DS-CHFMT. Though FM transmitters are not new this one is a bit different as it is designed to fit in your car’s cup holder and draws power from the cigar socket. The unit has a display which shows the frequency of transmission. Trinity has developed a new PLL circuit which preserves the treble quality during transmission. The iPod gets charged when placed in the socket, it comes with a stereo mini attachment for use with other audio devices.

The Trinity DS-CHFMT measures 88×82×88mm, weighs 250 grams and is available in two color choices black and white for 7980 Yen ($ 65) in Japan

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    If you’re not too bothered by the idea of an iPod transmitting its signal into your car stereo via staticy-sounding and hissy FM, Trinity has devised its DS-CHFMT dock, formed in a shape that fits into almost any cupholder. Hey,…


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