Transformers USB drive can transform, really!

by Gareth Mankoo

With all the goodies that we have previously seen, bearing the name of the famous flick, Transformers, including the Transformer’s phone and the Transformers USB Hub, we have another addition to the pack. This times is a cool USB drive that can convert into Ravage, a fierce jungle cat that defines power. What’s sad is that this drive has just 2 GB of memory in it and has to be pre-ordered, so most fans will end up seeing it as not worth it. It’s best for those places where you aren’t allowed to carry USB drives. You can always pass this one off as a toy that’s a symbol of your dedication to the movie.

The Transformers USB drive has to be pre-ordered for $43. Seriously, is this the price you would pay for a 2 GB pen drive?
Via – [Gizmodiva]

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