Train horn on a car – Havoc on the streets

by Dhiram Shah

Well I must admit I was thinking of putting a train horn on my car as it is really frustrating to miss a signal because the driver in the car ahead of you is yapping away on the cell phone or is lost in some deep thoughts. This dude shows us what is it like to have a train horn on your car, you do get all the stares and the abusing.


  1. MrSatyre

    I did that on my ’78 Toyota Corolla back in ’95. It was awesome, but every time I let ‘er rip, my car would slow to a crawl. Hilarious! I was advised by the local police to remove it, tho’, so I only got a few weeks of fun out of it.

  2. Justin

    lmao! people react like it’s an actual train!


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