Tracking shoppers via mobile phones-Big Brother’s Watching!

by yogesh

Surveillance staff of shopping centers in that area is tracking your movements around Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth. They are tapping into customers mobile phones to see what stores and toilets shoppers visit, how long they remain there and what route they take around Gunwharf Quays. A series of receivers have been installed around the site that picks up on signals given out by mobile phones at regular intervals. They record where a phone is by noting its unique code, proximity to the nearest receiver and the time and date. The center is not obligated to inform customers about the technology because it does not capture any personal information. But local MP Mike Hancock say: ‘It’s outrageous and like Big Brother watching us.’

Gunwharf operations manager Peter Emery said: ‘We are experimenting with a new technology. We can find out which of our toilets are most popular and if a shop is attracting a lot of customers.’

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