Toyota’s Fun-Vii Concept Car has rolling customizable exteriors

by ruchi

The 2011 Tokyo Motor Show hasn’t been anything less than a heavenly delight for automobile connoisseurs. While we saw Nissan and Honda trying to put their best ‘green’ foot forward, Toyota seemed to have pursued an altogether different passion here with its “Fun-Vii” concept. The concept car has exteriors which serve as an external rolling display and interiors too can be adjusted to fit the driver’s mood. The executives of the Jap automobile giant conceded that this car concept was heavily influenced by modern smartphones which offer customizations through “skins” and other elements. They believe such level of customization offers a emotional nexus to the car.

Like the fate of most concept vehicles, nobody knows whether this will ever see production; however Toyota has positively put this in the “not-too-distant future” category. Check out the video here which gives a better insight on how the car achieves this unique customization feat.

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