Toyota Prius automatically does Parallel parking

by Dhiram Shah

After Siemens and BMW it is now Toyota’s turn to make our lives easier by helping us with “Parallel Parking”. Toyota has developed IPS (Intelligent Parking Assist) technology, unlike BMW’s autopark the IPS does not scan for parking spaces and it is not completely automated too. You have to select the parking spot using the dashboard computer and the car automatically steers to the spot. However the driver is still responsible for operating the brakes and keeping an eye out that the area is clear. The good part is that Prius with Intelligent Parking Assist is available in Japan since 2003 and over 80% of customers opted for Prius with IPS. The video shows a journalist parking the Prius while keeping his hands out of the window.

With the introduction of the 2006 Prius it is possible to buy a Prius with IPA in other countries.
Via – Shinyshiny and Freshcreation

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