Toyota enables remote controls for Smart Navi system using the Nintendo DS

by Gavril Mankoo

To us, the Nintendo DS has always been more than just a great way to play games while away from your geek-cave. Toyota seems to have thought jus the same and is now enabling Japanese users to hook up their Nintendo DS devices to the Toyota Smart Navi systems, allowing passengers to remotely control the navigation system. Called the Kuruma de DS, the system allows passengers to input destinations using the Nintendo DS, without having to reach for the Smart Navi system. With a game card that’s Bluetooth-enabled, the DS quickly pair’s with the car’s navigation system.

The pricing however might turnoff quite a few, given the fact that the Kuruma de DS comes for $92, besides the $2,586 you’ve spent on the Smart Navi and the additional bucks you might need to blow up, just in case you don’t own a Nintendo DS already.

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