Toyota develops eyelid-monitoring system to ensure you are alert

by yogesh

Enhancing their Pre-Crash safety system, Toyota has announced their new technology that can determine whether the driver’s eyes are open or not. The system relies on a driver-monitoring camera and image-processing computer, which determine the position of the driver’s upper and lower eyelids. Toyota’s existing face-monitoring technology, which is available on the Lexus LS600h has the ability to track the orientation of the driver’s face and sounds a warning if it detects a sustained period of inattention. It looks like Toyota is leaving no stone unturned to ensure passenger safety. The eye-monitoring system is scheduled for launch in Japan “in the near future,” according to Toyota

Other cars with similar efforts to keep passengers safe (and awake) are BMW with the rumbling steering wheel, Infiniti’s Lane Departure Prevention system, and Volvo’s coffee-break alert.

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