Touch-And-Zoom Camera Flash by Apple Could Change the Focus of Your Photo

by iona

The rumor circulating in techie circles is that Apple plans to introduce new camera flash technology, similar to the touch-and-zoom feature on the iPhone. Just as the current feature allows to you to focus on different areas of a shot, the flash device would allow you to change the focus of the flash to highlight less well-lit areas, not simply the centre of the picture, and take better snaps. It would all depend on the flash lamps having their own optical nerves or lenses. A scene condition detector would also monitor ambient light levels, distance from the camera to the objects in shot and lots of other stuff that would make your snap simply splendid.

If this meant my nose wasn’t always lit up like Rudolf’s when I was center shot, or I could pretend to take my friend’s picture, but accidentally-on-purpose snap the cute guy sitting behind her and actually capture his face, I am all for it. Joking!