Touch-screen use to be limited in cars in the United States

by Gavril Mankoo

Touch-screens in cars are great, and hell they’re awesome. But these can be distracting too, particularly for people like us who’re bound to keep our eyes off the road, simply because of our obsessive love for vehicle technology. Realizing that these screens could indeed be hazards on the road, traffic safety regulators in the United States have appealed for the limitations of touch-screen usability in vehicles. As per these regulations, a user will be able to use the touch-screen only for short bursts of time, helping keep one’s eyes on the road and off the dashboard!

The regulations are voluntary though the traffic regulators have appealed to every automaker who sells cars in the United States. If all goes as required, drivers will be limited to a maximum of six screen touches in 12 seconds. Also, NHTSA has called for a ban on manual text entry and the display of websites, social media, books, and the like one vehicle infotainment systems. We aren’t sure just how well will auto manufacturers swallow these appeals, but yes, all of these could save lives!

[Via – Slashgear]