Toshiba’s new Bluetooth enabled headset can read your mind, well just your brain waves actually

by Shayne Rana

Sometimes you’ll come across some seriously odd technology that doesn’t seem necessarily sensible. For example, Toshiba has recently designed and developed a new Bluetooth enabled headphone and while that’s not interesting enough to raise attention, they threw in a built-in brain-wave sensor manufactured by NeuroSky Inc. Their idea is to use this set for healthcare as a “device to visualize brain waves”. It’s bundled with a “Brain-wave Visualizer” software for a tethered PC. The PC software is designed to show a diagram of brain waves and meters of a brain-wave level, concentration level and meditation level. The system also lets you record brain wave sessions in real time. Oh and just in case you’re wondering, you can of course use it to listen to audio streamed via your PC or other supported devices. This is definitely not something you’d pick up at a Radio Shack but more like it’d be available via a healthcare specialist.


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