Toshiba’s advanced Vegeta 618-liter Refrigerator opens its electric doors at a button touch

by Gareth Mankoo

Armed with modern refrigeration marvels, the Vegeta from the house of Toshiba will touch households, donning a 618-liter body (GR-F62FX). It will be available in a smaller, 481-liter model (GR-F48FX) too. Among the many things it shows off is a door that obeys a touch of a button and swings open, thanks to the smart-touch technology. The 6-door refrigerator sells the proposition of vegetables being delicious responds to touch from an elbow or back of the wrist, should your palms be smothered with flour. It also includes a locking mechanism that requires manual opening, thus ensuring tamper-resistance. Toshiba’s ‘Pikoion’ deodorizing disinfectant in the inners decomposes the ethylene gas and increases the amount of nutrients.

The individual volumes of compartments reserved are: refrigeration chamber – 307-liter, vegetable compartment – 144-liter, freezer compartment – 167-liter. With an annual energy consumption average of 250kWh, the $2,600+ refrigerator may mark its presence among the eco-friendly folk and wealthy health freaks. It comes in quite a few attractive shades too.