Toshiba Sportio a cell phone and a work out companion

by Dhiram Shah

The Toshiba Sportio is the latest addition to Japanese carrier KDDi’s lineup. The phone which is rather fat helps you keep in shape, it has a motion sensor counts the calories burned in a workout and using GPS it plots your jogging route along with average speed and running logs. The phone can stream music to compatible Bluetooth headphones with the ‘BEAT RUN’ function which adjusts the tempo as per your workout. Coming to the specs the phone has 2.2 inch TFT (240 x 320), 2 Megapixel camera, GPS and 1 Seg Tuner. The Sportio will be available in five colors orange, white, black, red and green. The candybar phone measures 52×93×13.7mm and weighs 86 grams.
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