Toshiba Micro SD cards the Worlds Smallest Memory Cards

by Dhiram Shah

Toshiba has announced a new microSD card family for use in mobile phones, with initial capacities of 256MB, 512MB and 1GB. The microSD card, with approximately one-fourth the cubic measure of a miniSD memory card, is currently the smallest memory card available worldwide. Its primary application is in mobile phones equipped with music playback and camera functionality. The microSD card is intended for use in handsets equipped with microSD slots to enable transfer and storage of music and digital photos, although it can also be used with an adapter in standard SD memory card slots. “Toshiba’s new 256MB, 512MB and 1GB microSD cards provide additional storage for music and photos, as well as a convenient way to transfer digital content in the growing percentage of cell phones equipped with a microSD card slot,” said Brian Kumagai, business development manager, NAND Flash, for TAEC.

The 256MB and 512MB cards will be available in July whereas the 1GB card will be released in August. The memory card measures only 11mm x 15mm and weighs 0.4 grams.

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