Toshiba launches tiny 16GB microSDHC card

by mohsin

The Toshiba SD-C16G is the first 16GB microSDHC card. It will be ideal for storing masses of music and video on cellphones and other mobile devices. The company also announced a number of new Class 6 SDHC cards for high-speed digital camera use. The SD-F08G is an 8GB card, while the SD-F16G stores 16GB. The addition of these new SDHC cards to the Toshiba SD Card family addresses the growing demand for high capacity storage.

Mass production of the new SDHC cards will start in December, with production of the new microSDHC slated to start in January 2009, while the 16GB card will not start churning out of factories until April 2009. Competing brand SanDisk recently announced their own 16GB microSDHC card for $100, so expect a stiff competitive price offering from Toshiba.

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