Toshiba launches self-erase hard drives

by Shalu Pillai

From the house of Toshiba comes a series of self-encrypting hard disk drives (HDDs) engineered to automatically invalidate protected data when connected to an unknown host. The newly launched Toshiba Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) models can enable OEMs to configure different data invalidation options that align with various end-user scenarios. The HDDs are designed primarily to address the increasing need for security in IT departments but the drives are ideally suited for PC, copier and multi-function printer, and point-of-sale systems used in government, financial, medical, or similar environments with a need to protect sensitive information.

The new enhancement reduces the risk of data theft, where the drive is removed from its defined host environment and connected to an unknown system. At power ON, the SED and host perform an authentication process and if the authentication fails, the drive can be configured to deny access or crypto-erase sensitive user data, thus protecting fraud users.

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