Toshiba Gigabeat P5 and P10

by Dhiram Shah

Toshiba has announced the “Gigabeat P series” MP3 players with Flash memory. There are two varaints Gigabeat P5 (MEP05L) with 512 MB memory and Gigabeat P10 (MEP10L) with 1GB memory. They have a color organic LED display of 96 x 96 pixels. MP3 / WMA and WAV formats are supported. JPEG images are also supported however images cannot be viewed with music playback. The tag information of the Music file is displayed along with the Clock function. Operation interface is similar Hard drive based Gigabeat X series but unlike the X series it does not have a touch panel system. Also included are FM tuner and Voice recording functions. It’s Lithium Ion battery can be charged via USB and a full charge supports continous playback of 14 hours.

They measure 31.9 x 13.2 x 82mm and weigh 49 grams (512MB) and 50 grams (1 GB). The P series will be available from early December the 512 MB will sell for 13,980 Yen ($ 120) and 1 GB for 17,980 Yen ($ 150).

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