Toshiba Cell Regza LCD TV in Japan by December

by anoop

Just a day before the kick off of CEATEC, Toshiba has given itself a head start by giving out the details of its Cell-powered CELL REGZ LCD TV which will be officially out in Japan in December. This television is 55 inches with 240Hz display with an impressive 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio. There are also LED backlits which divides the screen into 512 distinct areas. There is also a 7 speaker sound bar that lies just below the display. It does not end there! There is also an eight-window simultaneous multi-display, an Opera-based web browser, DLNA, a 3TB hard drive, 2TB for “time-shift” recording for up tp 26 hours of program, up to eight channels simultaneously. Wow! Now that is a mother-load of stuff in one TV! Well so what do you think? Awesome stuff isn’t it! Even the price is pretty awesome at around $11,140. But the company is conservative on the target at only 1000 units a month!