Toshiba adds color to STOR.E ART 4 external storage drives

by Gareth Mankoo

Storage devices can have means of their own to express themselves since they are often found idling away under the shelves, bearing important data, or are perpetual appendages that travel with your laptop. Now if they wouldn’t look good you would have quite an issue placing them beside your gleaming portables. So, Toshiba has beautified their external device offerings with the STOR.E ART 4 drive. This drive is available in red, white, green, blue and silver. This leaves the usual grey and black out. All are 2.5-inch drives and are available in 500GB (red), 640GB (green), 750GB (blue), 1TB (white) and 1.5TB (silver).

It’s strange to limit colors to capacities. All devices are USB3.0 compliant, implement 128-bit encryption and are pre-loaded with BackupNow EZ software. Shipping this month, price, unknown.

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