Toshiba to launch waterproof DB-82 crime prevention buzzer in Japan

by bharat

Women and children are most vulnerable to crime. Thugs are always on a lookout to nab any helpless child or women for their gain. With advent of technology, crime prevention buzzers have become a common site becoming a boon for all the helpless, but there is still scope for a buzzers that work in any given weather condition. Keeping up with the requirement, Toshiba is slated to release in September the DB-82 crime prevention buzzer which also works in rain. Made in spill-proof structure so that water doesn’t enter the device, the DB-82 requires you to pull a pin from the bottom of it to activate it and sound the 95dB buzzer, to stop the buzzer, simply pin it back.

Featuring a long string attached to the unit, DB-82 buzzer can be kept inside the bag with the string out to operate easily. To be made available in Japan with a belt strap and carry bag, the 53g DB-82 crime prevention buzzer powered by a single battery will be priced at about 1,400 Yen (approx. $18).


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