Toshiba to launch next-gen 4K “Regza Z8X series” in Japan by June

by Sayan Chakravarty

2013 has been the year of Ultra HD TV screens, since the CES show that took place in January companies like Sony and Samsung have teased us with their mammoth sized eye popping UHD displays. Despite being astronomically priced we are treated with some news pertaining to UHD screens every fortnight. The latest news is, Toshiba, Japan, will launch its 4k compliant REGZA Z8X series by the end of June and will be available in 3 different screen sizes of 84”, 65” and 58 inches. The Regza Z8X series is absolutely feature loaded and has some unique technology bits built into it.

The newly developed image processor “REGZA CEVO 4K” works along perfectly with a new technology called “pattern analysis reconstruction based super-resolution technology” to deliver a beautiful and crisp image quality. Another superb feature is the “Time Shift Machine” function which can record a maximum of 6 channels for about 80 hours. USB hard disk “THD-450T1″ is needed for the feature and is sold separately. Also, for the first time in the industry, it is compatible with the Japanese next-generation TV platform “Hybridcast” that NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories has been developing. The speakers with total output of 40W are beautifully hidden in the panel which adds on to the overall appeal of the screens.

84Z8X (84”)
Estimated price: ¥1,680,000 (US$16,800)
Size: 191.6cm x 119.5cm x 45cm

65Z8X (65”)
Estimated price: ¥750,000 (US$7500)
Size: 146.3cm × 94.0cm × 37.4cm

58Z8X (58”)
Estimated price: ¥500,000 (US$5000)
Size: 130.6cm × 85.7cm × 37.4cm

[Via – Impress]