Top Ten Unique MP3 players

by yogesh

The thin single slab has taken on many avatars in the past and the pages of Newlaunches have borne testimony to the ever-evolving styles of the MP3 player. Often referred to as a digital audio player, the MP3 has many facets to it. Here is a compilation of what we feel represents the many faces of the MP3
10) Valentine declarations with this heart MP3
The Heart-shaped Newman MP3 Player looks kitsch. It represents the bohemian style that most of us are getting used to. Cute, mushy stuff!

9) MobiBlu’s Cube3
The sexy, sleek body of MobiBlu’s Cube3 looks quite appealing. It plays MP3 and WMA format files and has a FM tuner as well. You can store up to 2 GB of data into this one.
8) Lego MP3
Not one, not two, but plenty, Lego is by far the most copied toy gadget. The fmiliar bricks come in many colors and are pretty realistic.
7) Music that busts zits
This zit-busting MP3 adds functionality to a simple instrument. Although we cannot vouch for its perfoemance, the idea was innovative.
6) Rubik Cube MP3 Player
An all time favorite, the Rubik Cube has been transformed into many things in the past, this time it takes the form of an MP3. Using the basic principles of puzzle solving each layer of the cube has a specific function such as play, pause, forward or back.
5) INNO-B0 a coin shaped DAP
Koreans can be as design innovative as any other country. This amazingly cute button/coin is actually a DAP. The DAP features necklace style and is imprinted with Taegeuk pattern which is Korean cognate of Taiji, the Taoist concept of yin and yang, from which all is actualized.
4) Spectra Hello Kitty 1.5″ Digital Photo Frame / MP3 Player
Kitty fans, what do I say, besides being an MP3 player, this one doubles up as digiframe as well. Take a look…
3) Thanko Hand Crank MP3 player
Thanko usually features USB product, thus one comes as a surprise. The 1GB MP3 player is normally charged via USB but in case the battery runs out, start using the wind up charger. A good 30 minutes of cranking full charges the battery for 3.2 hours of playback.
2) Floral titi chic MP3 player
Korea based GDIS corp introed the ‘Floral Titi’ a clip type MP3 player which boasts of chic colors like strawberry, mocha, carrot, aqua, sweet pink, vanilla, lavender, mint and ice blue.
1) Barbie B2 Touchscreen MP3 player
The Barbie B2 Touchscreen MP3 player features a mirror that adds to the vanity quotient and is aimed at the young ladies. The player measures merely 2.79cm (1.1 inches) and has an OLED display. It is designed to look like a compact and can be carried in many innovative manners.

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